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The mission at Megan’s House is to improve the quality of life of its residents through an evidence-based substance abuse treatment program that emphasizes individual dignity, self-respect, and empowerment. Pamela is involved in several community organizations, boards and committees. As a corporator for the Lowell Boys & Girls Club she has co-chaired their Holiday Auction for two years and has served on the golf committee five years.

A hometown jury decides Hunter Biden’s fate: ‘It’s time to end this case’

She currently serves as a Corporator for The Savings Bank, based in Wakefield. She also served as PTO Treasurer in the Andover Public Schools and volunteered as a CCD teacher at St. Augustine Church. A New Hampshire native born and raised, who attended local schools and graduating with a bachelor’s in Communication and Business from the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.

Hunter Biden was always doomed to lose his trial. His best bet is appealing a ‚vindictive prosecution.‘

He argued that terms such as „user of“ and „addicted to“ were open to interpretation. Given the mountain of publicly known evidence that Biden did use cocaine in that time period, federal prosecutors brought an indictment against him. While Biden sometimes uses the language of the recovery movement to describe his addiction, he doesn’t write about his own recovery using those terms. And the stigma of addiction remains even in sobriety, with discrimination in employment, professional licensing and social circles. “I stopped using drugs at 18 but I’ve been labeled an addict for the rest of my life,” McEneaney said.

Board of Health looks to restrict sale of product

This story was updated following the jury verdict in Hunter Biden’s gun trial. One of the first pieces of evidence they presented to the jury was a section of Biden’s memoir. They https://sober-home.org/ played portions of the audiobook — narrated by Biden himself — where he described struggling with addiction over a four-year period that overlapped with the gun purchase.

Locally, Steven serves on the Board of Governors of Lowell General Hospital/Circle Health where he was chairperson of the LGH TeamWalk for Cancer Care for several years. Steven is Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of Lazarus House Ministries in Lawrence MA and was previously a member of the boards of Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, and a Trustee of the Merrimack Repertory Theater. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of The Megan’s House Foundation since 2017 and as its Treasurer since 2019.

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The challenges I faced were also met with people who saw potential in me and helped me to start my journey. I attended Cambridge College in 2006 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Service in 2010. In 2016, I had my second child and made the decision to stay home while he was young; I am in the process of receiving my Masters of Social Work with a concentration in substance use disorders.

The house is located in a unique neighborhood adjacent to downtown Lowell, and within walking distance to the north campus of the University of Massachusetts. Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, testified that she found a crack pipe in 2015 at their home and would regularly search his car for drug paraphernalia. Zoe Kestan, a former girlfriend, told jurors about the night she met Biden at a Manhattan strip club, where she was working at the time. Outside the courthouse, The Times spoke to two jurors — a 51-year-old woman from northern Delaware and a 68-year-old man from the southern half of the state. Speaking on condition of anonymity, both said there was clear evidence that Biden knowingly lied about his drug addiction in order to buy the gun. Hallie Biden said she found “remnants of crack cocaine,” drug paraphernalia and the gun that Hunter Biden had purchased 11 days earlier.

Kratom users were quoted in the 2021 Sun article as saying they used the herb as a natural treatment alternative for mood disorders, as well as a safe substitute to pharmaceutical opioids to address chronic pain. Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing. The city of Lowell is also known for its beautiful parks and outdoor recreation opportunities. The city boasts several parks and green spaces, including the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, which offers hiking, biking, and fishing opportunities.

But prosecutors told jurors that there was “overwhelming evidence” of Biden’s drug use in the years before and the months after the gun purchase. In an election year, the verdict was sure to be seized on by the president’s political opponents and to be spun as vindication for Republican leaders who last year criticized a plea deal on similar charges. The deal unraveled under questioning by Noreika — the same judge who presided Granada House Review Review over the trial — and prosecutors indicted Biden again. The guilty verdict, handed down by a jury in Delaware after about three hours of deliberations, capped a weeklong trial in which prosecutors elicited testimony from Biden’s ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend and his sister-in-law turned lover. All spoke in graphic detail about his addiction to drugs and alcohol, with First Lady Jill Biden often sitting in the front row.

Hallie Biden testified that she saw Hunter Biden either late in the night or early in the morning on Oct. 23, 2018, and that he looked exhausted. Inside his truck, she said, she discovered drug paraphernalia and “remnants” of crack cocaine, along with the gun. She put the gun inside a leather pouch that she said she found in his vehicle — the same pouch that federal investigators tested last year, finding trace amounts of cocaine. Lowell, the defense attorney, emphasized that his client had recently completed a rehab program in L.A. The gun salesman did not perceive Biden to be under the influence or glassy-eyed, and no witness saw him using drugs in the days after, when he owned the Colt Cobra revolver. Biden, who lives in Malibu, will face a second trial in Los Angeles in September on federal charges of tax evasion and failing to pay his taxes on time.

As is the case with many families, Paul has witnessed the devastating effects of the opioid crisis within his own family. A graduate of Lowell High School, David began serving on the Megan House Foundation Board of Directors since its early days in 2015. He also serves on the Retirement Board for the City of Lowell and served on the Retirement Board for Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Tanya’s passion for recovery largely came from her support of The Herren Project. After hearing former NBA player, Chris Herren speak about his recovery at her local high school in 2013, she decided to help raise funds for treatment navigation by running her first every 5k. In addition, she has served on the Board of Westford Against Substance Abuse from 2017 to present. Erin’s House is one of two success homes (sober living houses) for graduates of Megan’s House and other similar treatment programs, located just outside of Lowell, Massachusetts. The culture at our sober homes promotes family, friendship, support and recovery. During that time, it became abundantly clear there was a tremendous need for treatment for women who suffer from addiction, which led to a decision in 2009 to pursue a career in the  substance abuse treatment field and help women recover.

Additionally, he has conceptualized and has the lead the rollout of the first product to combine Lean, Six Sigma methodologies, patient/doctor workflows and clinical telemedicine; ExamFlow. Sober Housing allows individuals in recovery to maintain sobriety in a safe environment with maximum independence and minimal staff support. Ambulatory Services include individual and group counseling for addiction and related disorders. This also includes classes for first, second and multiple OUI offenders and a variety of case management supports.

Under new leadership, the Rogers Sober House will continue its legacy as a structured and recovery-focused sober house for men. The mission of LHI Sober Houses is to provide a physically and emotionally safe, secure, and respectful home environment to foster an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle for all members. Each LHI Sober Home is a group of individuals who share a common desire to stay clean and sober, a commitment to honoring the house rules and participating in the house decision-making process.